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WSX4 3D Graphics Workstation

Engineered as the fastest and most powerful 3D Design workstation on the planet, the WSX4 has been designed to enhance even the most complex of digital workflows.

As the majority of 3D CAD and Engineering/Manufacturing software is still heavily single threaded (meaning it can only run on one CPU core) they are bottlenecked by the GHz clock speed of the processor and not the number of CPU cores (like with other multi-threaded software titles). Over 80%+ of their workflow may be bottlenecked by this software inefficiency and its inability to address multiple cores. It is for this reason that we have developed the WSX series of workstation

Powered by Intel Core i7 Extreme 2nd Generation Microprocessors (Quad-Core) clocked at an amazing 4.5GHz, and available with up to 16GB of Memory (RAM) and TWO independent GPUs the WSX4 has been developed to provide 3D CAD Engineers, Designers, and 3D Artists with the performance they crave, allowing them to complete even the most demanding of digital projects.

Perfect for Autodesk Inventor, PTC ProEngineer, Solidedge, Solidworks, Catia, Revit, AutoCAD and much more…..

As the WSX4 also has four independent CPU processing cores (and an additional four hyper-threaded cores/threads) the workstation provides EIGTH processing threads to you chosen software suite, making it no slouch for 3D visual, rendering or computing (analysis, simulation) tasks.

Available custom built, to any specification or budget the WSX4 is available for almost any software environment

To configure your own WSX4 workstation, please select from the configure tabs above, or alternatively please speak with our experienced sales staff who will be more than happy to help you choose the most suitable workstation specification you’re your needs.

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