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Solidworks 64Bit CAD Workstations

Whether you need a simple computer for Solidworks, or a high performance workstation to run Solidworks Premium (with Solidworks Simulation, Photo360 or any 3rd party Simulation/Analysis tools); our portfolio of Solidworks certified desktop and laptop workstations can provide you with the certified solution assist.

Engineered to empower Solidworks users to work without boundaries or bottlenecks, increasing productivity and driving more efficient design pipelines. With high speed Solidworks computer workstations at your finger tips, Solidworks users and design engineers can collaborate more ideas in less time, allowing the production of lifelike 3D models in a much shorter time frame utilizing all of the latest Solidworks software features and enhancements.

“Never again let inferior hardware platforms jeopardise your workflow. Get to market faster with a professional Solidworks workstation from WS

We work closely with Solidworks and are pleased to be the world’s first 100% dedicated computer workstation manufacturer to have been awarded with both Solidworks Solution Partner status, and full Solidworks software certification; helping to provide design engineers and manufacturers with a completely pre configured solution of both Solidworks approved hardware and turn key software (with Solidworks fully installed and ready to run).

Benefit from class leading performance, and bleeding edge computer graphics features with the latest Ambient Occlusion and Realview functionality……

Workstation Specialists are proud to be a long standing Solidworks Solution Partner. Having worked with Solidworks

AMD FirePro™ Professional Graphics unleashes the power of RealView® and brings your models to life. since 1998 we are proud to be one of the only UK based dedicated workstation manufacturers to have been SolidWorks® 2012 now offers advanced shading in real time with RealView and Ambient Occlusion, which delivers outstanding depth and realism helping reduce the need for ray-traced rendering. AMD FirePro™ also helps accelerate your simulation using OpenCL™. This can be used to help accelerate calculations in Computer Aided Engineering software such as Finite Element Analysis. Tasks traditionally carried out by CPUs (like the time taken to carry out structural and multiphysics analysis in the OpenCL™ version of Abaqus) can be cut using a high-end AMD FirePro™ Professional graphics card.

Allow your design team to work without boundaries, remove system bottlenecks, collaborate more ideas and bring your designs to market faster than ever before. With Solidworks Workstations from WS you not only benefit from working on the fastest, most powerful CAD / CAM solutions available, they also make financial sense allowing you to get the most out of both your design team and 3D CAD software investments.

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