WS-M171I 17.3″ Mobile Graphics Workstation

Entry Level price tag with serious performance. The WS-M171I uses the latest integrated 6th Gen Core i7 processes from Intel and NVIDIA’s mobile Geforce GTX graphics, to offer a serious punch in a small package.This system is ideally suited for the Adobe Suite, Photography, Image/Video Manipulation, Game Development or Virtual Reality workflows

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Featuring the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics and Intel 6th Generation mobile CPU’s, the WS-M171I offers impressive performance in our new Entry Level mobile workstation range. Configurable too with a selection of 16-32GB of system memory and a variety of storage options, including the very latest SSD technology available today. The WS-M171I can be customised to suit many professionals’ needs.

Once you have settled on a configuration rest assured that our team of expert engineers will hand build & test the unit rigorously to ensure maximum reliability. We also warrant the unit with a full one year parts and labour warranty as standard with an option to uplift to our premium 3 year plan.

This 17” Full HD 1920 x 1080 mobile workstation is an ideal fit for displaying your projects to colleagues & clients. Whether you work in photography or are a graphic designer manipulating images or work in video post-production, the WS-M171I is perfectly suited for your workflow. This system also boasts being fully Virtual Reality Ready making it ideal for next generation games developers working within the Unity and Unreal Engine frameworks.


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