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Intel Xeon 64bit Workstations

Our very latest Dual processor (CPU), six core Intel Xeon 5600 series 64Bit computer workstations (now also available with Six-Core CPUs an even easier 50% Performance Boost) are designed around the very latest six/eight-core Intel processors (32nm Intel Xeon Westmere 5600 Series CPUs). These processors consists of SIX dedicated execution cores formed into one physical processor with SIX additional Hyper-Threaded CPU cores. This provides a total of TWELVE CPU cores and TWENTY FOUR dedicated thread execution engines to the operating system for for over 8x the performance increase in comparison to an equivalent single core or single processor workstation.

  • High Resolution 3D Image Renders
  • Complex Animation Rendering
  • CAD/CAM/CAE Analysis
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Flow Simulation
  • Thermal Dynamic Simulation
  • Fast Animation Rendering
  • High Speed 3D Render Times
  • and more…..

Our Quad-core Intel Xeon 64bit CAD & Digital Content Creation workstations give professional users access to an unprecedented level of workstation performance, resulting in quicker time to market, and an increased project detail/realism; all whilst lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

“A quad-core Intel Xeon processor inside your workstation is like a desktop supercomputer under your desk, with render farm levels of perform as standard”

As projects get more complex and time scales get tighter, having an Intel Xeon quad-core processor inside your workstation can make significant differences to your workflow. Time intensive, multi-threaded tasks such as 3D modelling, CAD data analysis & 3D rendering can now be completed in record time with massive performance improvements.

  • 3ds Max & Maya Rendering (Mental Ray)
  • Brazil Rendering
  • Vray Renders & Rendering
  • Maxwell Render & Cinema4D
  • Real Flow Calculations
  • Complex CAD/CAM/CAE Analysis
  • 3D Studio Max/Maya Modelling (ViewPort)
  • Render 3D Workstation & Render Nodes
  • and more….

Our in depth knowledge of all of the latest industry software applications allow us to happily recommend the best workstation specification for your chosen suit of software (and/or budget). With clock speeds available over 3.80GHz per system we can guarantee to improve the performance of your latest project (no matter how complex it might be).

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