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64Bit Digital Content Creation (DCC) Workstations

Our extensive range of digital content creation (also known as DCC) workstations offers outstanding performance for any level of budget. We have specifically designed each DCC workstation range to enhance the productivity of creative professional studio’s that work with the creation and modification of digital content, such as animation, audio, graphics, images or video (or any part of the digital production process) including 3D graphics, audio editing, rendering, compositing, authoring and more.

Whether you’re a professional photographer working with Adobe Photoshop, a 3D VFX Artist (working in Autodesk 3dsmax, Maya, Cinema4D, Lightwave, XSI) or a HD Video Compositor creating your next feature length animation. We offer extremely fast computer workstation solutions guaranteeing to improve the efficiency at which you can work.


We are 100% dedicated to producing ultimate workstation solutions for the professional market. Developed to streamline all areas of the Creative Design & VFX pipeline.

  • Multi-Core 64Bit Processors
  • Certified Workstation Graphics
  • Up to 128GB of System Memory (RAM)
  • Dedicated Photoshop Scratch Disks
  • Dedicated HD Video Storage
  • Ultimate Rendering Performance
  • UK Manufactured & Supported
  • and more….

“In order to get the most out of any software investment and unleash the full potential of your studio it makes financial sense to invest in a powerful industry leading certified workstation designed to support and enhance your business without fail.”

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