Creo/ProE Workstation


As design projects get more complicated and deadlines become tighter, you need a computer hardware and software platform that you can reply on. Why invest £1000's on professional 3D CAD software if you don't have a suitable hardware platform on which to operate it?

High Performance CAD/CAM/CAE Computer Workstations for ALL Design Challenges!

NVIDIA Quadro - Professional CAD Graphics

Our High Speed 64Bit Pro Engineer 3D CAD/CAM/CAE Workstations and Mobile Worksations excel in even the toughest of design environments and allow today's industry design/engineering professionals to produce more work, in less time with an amazing level of return of investment (ROI).

"Regardless of your project's scope, our 3D CAD Workstations provide a powerful, robust & affordable platform that allows you to outclass the competition"

ProEngineer 64BitSo whether its a basic workstation you need to manipulate simple 3D assemblies or a powerful multi-core graphics workstation to design the most complex of engineering prototypes (with photo realistic, high resolution rendering at every stage of the design phase); We have the workstation to suit. Our award winning range of CAD workstations (laptop & desktop) incorporate the very latest computer workstation & Pro Engineer certified graphics technologies to transform the way you work, unleashing new levels of productivity and removing bottlenecks typically associated with old and inferior computer platforms.


" Choose a PTC ProEngineer Certified Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro FX Graphics and fully unleash your true design potential "

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