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The WS-X140 Workstation from Workstation Specialists is a professionally overclocked Frequency Enhanced platform for professionals who require extreme performance. The supremely fast Quad-Core architecture of the WS-X140 graphical workstation is uniquely optimised to run at an incredibly fast 4.6GHz taking Intel’s 4th Generation of Core i7 Haswell 64Bit Processors to new heights of performance.

Does increasing the GHz of a Workstation CPU really improve performance?

Many professional application and predominately CAD based software suites (Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, Catia, Creo Elements, SolidEdge, Graitec Advanced Steel) are very single threaded orientated. This means that they will not take advantage of expensive multi-core processors. Therefore we have designed our frequency enhanced range to deliver the maximum performance possible from a system with limited cores. The WS-X140 with its increased and optimised GHz performance gives professionals the fastest software experience available, allowing 3D datasets (CAD assembly files) no matter the complexity to be operated and assimilated with ease.

How we achieve a performance increase of up to 27%

At Workstation Specialists we take great pride in our workstations and delivering extremely stable and optimised solutions to our users. One way in which we do this is by selecting only the very latest and best components available on the market. This allows us to create incredibly stable, reliable systems whilst outputting the maximum possible performances. By selecting only the very best components available we may not be the cheapest but we offer a great return on investment with great performance, reliability and longevity with rock solid foundations our systems are built upon.

4th Generation Intel Core i7 'Haswell' CPU Technology

Once we have found great foundations for our system to be configured around we then work on optimising and enhancing the configuration. One process we go through to achieve this is professional overclocking or Frequency Enhancing the system processor. This process allows us to take an Intel Core i7 CPU and safely push it far beyond its usual performance levels.

How can this be as reliable?

Intel supply to the market their K series of processors. This series are intentionally unlocked allowing professional integrators to unlock the true potential of an Intel Core i5 and i7 CPU. Our WS-X140 uses the very latest Core i7 4970K which is the very best 4 Core, 8 Thread processor currently available for overclocking. Our profession team of engineers with over 15 years of experience then optimise this CPU to reliably Frequency Enhance the Clock speed from 4GHz to 4.6GHZ. All our WS-X140 then go through a strict 48 Hours and stringent stress testing to ensure they fully stable before they go out to the field. Finally we are so confident in our WS-X140 architecture it receives the same 3 years full parts and labour warranty as any of our other solutions from Workstation Specialists.

Are they louder?

We know how annoying and disruptive an noisy system can be in a professional working environment and as such we have made it a key considerations whilst developing the WS-X140. As such great care and consideration has been placed into the chassis and cooling configuration, ensuring maximum airflow is created ensuring stable low operating temperatures, and maintaining low operating noise levels.

What Graphics Cards are In the Workstation?

We suggest professional Independent Software Certified (ISV) Graphics card from NVIDIA or AMD. By selecting a NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro card you can ensure your professional software and hardware will be compatible and reliable. You will also benefit from optimised graphics drivers developed specifically to deliver increased performance when using your professional applications.


We also offer a bespoke one to one benchmarking/demonstration service where you can run/trial a render node with your exact projects/datasets for a true like for like comparison with your own/existing computer hardware. Please speak with our sales team for further details.

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