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The new WS-Pro9100 designed to produce the ultimate real time 4K experience. Taking its foundations from our award winning Dual Xeon WS2880; Workstation Specialists have worked closely with AMD to produce the WS-Pro9100, a fully certified AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation.

AMD FirePro Ultra Workstations are packed with cutting-edge GPU technology and deliver the ultimate real-time 4K experience for Engineering and Creative professionals.  We combine the new extremely powerful FirePro W9100/W8100 with the WS2880 Dual Xeon professional workstation with up to 24 cores and a massive 48 Threads. Professionals can now experience performance that has to be seen to be believed.

Workstation Specialists engineered for maximum computational and graphical processing performance the WS-Pro9100 can contain a massive 4x AMD FirePro W9100/W8100 capable of powering up to 6x 4K displays per card. Taking full advantage of the next revolution of HD (3840 x 2160 pixels), often referred to as “4K”, and can transform engineering and creative workflows by providing much higher visual fidelity and precision. Resulting in freeing your models and content from virtually any pixel raster and getting yet another step closer to working with eye-limiting resolutions.

Powered by a minimum of dual 4 core Intel Xeon E5-2600v2 series 64bit processors with the ability to go up to dual 12 core processors, the WS-Pro9100 provides a faster and more intelligent multi-core application experience. The WS-Pro9100 offers up to 24 physical CPU cores plus a further 24 logical CPU cores thanks to Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology. This totals 48 threads and one hell of a lot of computing power.

Backed by Quad-Channel ECC Registered Memory, Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, PCI-Express 3.0, and up to 80 PCI-Express lanes for even more data I/O bandwidth.

Experience maximum performance for everything you do (CAD, CAM, CAE, Digital Content Creation and Digital Video Editing and Post Production) thanks to the combination from the award winning WS Workstation and the AMD FirePro W9100.

By applying processor power where it’s needed most. Our WS-Pro9100 delivers outstanding levels of performance per watt. Combining high performance processors with modern GPU technology allows for extremely efficient heterogeneous computing. This offers both low power consumption and fantastic return of investment (ROI).


We also offer a bespoke one to one benchmarking/demonstration service where you can run/trial a render node with your exact projects/datasets for a true like for like comparison with your own/existing computer hardware. Please speak with our sales team for further details.

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