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Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet Angled Right with Pen

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Wacom Intuos Pro – Medium Tablet (Active Area: 224 mm x 140 mm)

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet (Active Area: 224 mm x 140 mm)
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The Intuos Pro Small Professional Touch Tablet is an exemplary choice for anyone whose passion lies in photography, design or digital artwork. This sleek design puts in an enormous power into a miserly small desktop space. Especially designed for those professionals who are in the field of creativity, the Intuos pro provides the perfect tools to work with. The best-in-class Intuos Pro tablet brings together the intuitive multi-touch gestures and the best pen which is pressure sensitive. It helps you create precise and controlled results that display highest levels of professionalism with the 2048 leveled pressure sensitive pen and eraser. 6 application specific customisable Express keys provide you the extra edge to create your own shortcuts at work and helps you be completely focused. 

Features of Intuos Pro Tablet(Small): 

Professional-Level Pressure Sensitivity: 
The pen/stylus included with the tablet impersonates the control and sensitivity of the orthodox art tools. It has a 2048 leveled pen-pressure sensitivity and responds even to the angle at which the pen is held. Changes in the width of the line and opacity can be brought up by varying the pressure applied and the orientation of the pen. Multiple brush effects can also be created alongside. 

Powerful and Compact: 
The tablet is ideal for compact desk spaces and occupies a meagre 12.5 x 8.1 inches of space. It is loaded with lots of power that boosts the performance of the device and helps you in achieving the peak performance quite easily. There is an enormous amount of power ready at your disposal. 

Handy Efficiency: 
The tablet is equipped with 6 Express keys that are application specific. You can activate time saving shortcuts and third party modifiers to your applications depending upon your requirement. The special display allows you to get reminded of the function of a specific key by gently resting your finger on that key. This allows you to stay focused in your creative work. 

Wireless Use: 
You can go absolutely wireless owing to the Wireless Accessory Kit that is included in the pack. You can now create your digital artwork without the hindrance of cords and cables. You also have an option to connect your tablet to the computer through the USB cable. 

Universal Compatibility: 
The Intuos Pro Professional Touch tablet is compatible for both Mac & Windows PC and works fine with absolutely any software that you might use. The tablet also has the option to be set up for both right and left handed users. 

Ergonomic Pen: 
The Intuos pen is ergonomically designed and is equipped with a flared design and a rubber grip for convenient use all day long. It also features an eraser and a pen stand that contains 10 replaceable nibs. 

Control in your hands: 
The finger sensitive touch ring allows you to control all the on-screen functions like brush size, scrolling, rotation of the work space and other functions. The Multi-Touch technology has sensors that sense the position of your fingers and takes orders accordingly. This allows to create your own shortcuts with multi-touch features on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Tablet Size: 380 X 251 X 12 mm / 15.0 X 9.9 X 0.5 in
Advanced Control: 2048 levels pen pressure, tilt recognition, multi-touch
Productivity Boosters: ExpressKeys, Touch Ring, time-saving settings
Ergonomics: Right or left-handed use
Connection: USB, Wacom Wireless Kit (included)
Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Product Type: Pen Tablet
Size: 380 X 251 X 12 mm / 15.0 X 9.9 X 0.5 in
Weight: 990 g (2.2 lbs.)
Active Area: 224 X 140 mm / 8.8 X 5.5 in
Wireless RF Connection: 16 hours
Colour: Black
Advanced Controls:
Multi-touch: Yes
Pen: Grip Pen (with 2 side switches)
Pressure Levels: 2048, both pen tip and eraser
Tilt Recognition: ±60°
Type: Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
Switches: 2 side switches
Replacement Nibs: 10 nibs: 5 standard, 1 flex, 1 stroke nib, and 3 felt
Pen Stand: Yes
Pen Grip: Latex-free silicone rubber
Technology: Patented electromagnetic resonance method
Resolution: 5080 lpi

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Wacom Intuos Pro – Medium Tablet (Active Area: 224 mm x 140 mm)