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Wacom Intuos Pro Large Tablet Angled Right with Pen

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Wacom Intuos Pro – Large Tablet (Active Area: 325 mm x 203 mm)

Wacom Intuos Pro Large Tablet (Active Area: 325 mm x 203 mm)
£408.99 Excl. VAT


The Intuos Pro Large: the next big thing!

The touch tablet and professional pen, Intuos Pro Large produces professional results on a wide format solution - possibly the best pen and touch tablet in the market today! 

The Intuos Pro Large touch and pen tablet provides a very generous space to work on with its wide screen that is specifically designed to benefit artists in performing their craft and styles. Wacom knows that this field requires a full range of motion that is why they created this amazing tablet for the creative professional that work in wide and large formats. The Intuos Pro Large has been made to assist creativity and provide those that are seeking professional results of what they need. This pen tablet combines Wacom’s amazing pressure sensitive pen with intuitive multi-touch gestures. These revolutionary capabilities of the Intuos Pro Large gives the user the power in producing top of the line professional results with optimum control and precision as you demand on the Intuos Pro Large’s creative software. 

Below is a list of what the Intuos Pro Large brings about. 

* Professional level on tilt and pressure sensitivity

* A wireless kit

* Up to eight customizable express keys & touch rings

* The Intuos pen comes with a pen stand and digital eraser

* Compatible with both PC and Mac

* It has been produced by the leading maker of digital pens and the number one in digital pen technology in over thirty promising years!

The Intuos Pro Large tablet has an active area of an astounding 325 by 203mm, giving the user more than enough room to navigate and control. It has a soft-touch finish and gently sloping slides that makes creating artwork extraordinarily comfortable!

It has a professional level of pressure sensitivity.

The Intuos Pro Large comes with a pen that has the precision and sensitivity of most traditional art tools being used by artists. This also holds true with its control and stability. This pen tablet is capable of responding to over 2,048 pen pressure sensitivity levels, doubling the amount found in other Intuos models! It is also sensitive to the angle that you use with the pen. By varying the tilt and pressure of the pen, variations in terms of opacity, line width or brush effects are created giving the freedom to create truly unique designs.

Ergonomic pen that you can use around the clock!

The pen that comes with the Intuos Pro Large is ergonomically designed with a flare and a rubber grip that proves useful especially on long term use throughout the day. All the models of Intuos Pro include a pen stand and a digital eraser.

Enjoy wireless flexibility!

With Wacom’s wireless accessory kit, the creation of digital artwork is made easier because you won’t be bothered by the cables and cords that usually comes with tablets. You can also connect your Intuos Pro Large directly to your workstation with the USB cable that comes in the package.

Tablet Size: 487 x 318 x 12 mm / 19.2 x 12.5 x 0.5 in
Advanced Control: 2048 levels pen pressure, tilt recognition, multi-touch
Productivity Boosters: ExpressKeys, Touch Ring, time-saving settings
Ergonomics: Right or left-handed use
Connection: USB, Wacom Wireless Kit (included)
Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Product Type: Pen Tablet
Size: 487 x 318 x 12 mm / 19.2 x 12.5 x 0.5 in
Weight: 1,800 g (4.0 lbs.)
Active AreaTouch: 299 x 190 mm / 11.8 x 7.5 in
Active Area Pen: 325 x 203 mm / 12.8 x 8.0 in
Wireless RF Connection: 15 hours
Colour: Black
Advanced Controls:
Multi-touch: Yes
Pen: Grip Pen (with 2 side switches)
Pressure Levels: 2048, both pen tip and eraser
Tilt Recognition: ±60°
Type: Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
Switches: 2 side switches
Replacement Nibs: 10 nibs: 5 standard, 1 flex, 1 stroke nib, and 3 felt
Pen Stand: Yes
Pen Grip: Latex-free silicone rubber
Technology: Patented electromagnetic resonance method
Resolution: 5080 lpi

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Wacom Intuos Pro – Large Tablet (Active Area: 325 mm x 203 mm)