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NVIDIA Mental Ray for Autodesk Maya

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Mental Ray Plug-in for Autodesk Maya 1 year – Floating Licence

This is a networked license. This type of license allows you to move between systems.

End of Life

£278.09 Excl.VAT each
  • Buy 50 for £140.63 Excl.VAT each and save 50%
  • Buy 500 for £123.72 Excl.VAT each and save 56%


NVIDIA Mental Ray can be easily considered as one of the most popular and widely used solutions for 3D rendering in various fields or industries such as visual effects, film production, design visualization, and animation. It is now available with new and exciting features such as progressive rendering, GPU-accelerated global illumination, and Maya viewport interactivity in order to give the feedback of final-frame look as one works within Maya. NVIDIA Mental Ray for Maya is one solution of available plug-ins for GPU rendering in Autodesk Maya. Mental Ray’s seamless integration and extremely fast rendering time compared to CPU rendering alternatives makes it one of the most popular render engines on the market. In addition to the previous compatibility and functionality, artists using Maya can now benefit from viewport rendering that is interactive and easy-to-use thanks to GPU-acceleration.

Features and Benefits

The rendering software of NVIDIA mental ray generates impeccable images of a superior and outstanding quality that has surpassed realism. This is undoubtedly a high-performance and feature-rich 3D rendering software, which is capable of creating incredible and fantastic images based on the advanced techniques of ray-tracing. It actually combines full programmability with a light simulation that is physically based, to help you in creating any imaginable and fantastical visual effect. For 25 years, this has been used by the industry professionals and it has now become a benchmark or standard for the photorealistic rendering that is found across the industries of design, film, and visual effects.

Evolution and Updating

NVIDIA is working hard for the evolution of the rendering technology of Mental Ray & workflows within Autodesk Maya. In 2007 Mental Ray became the first and leading commercial solution, which provided a rendering workflow that was physically based, with new lights and materials added to Autodesk Maya. In 2016 that old tradition was again found to be continuing in its latest version and the NVIDIA MDL (Material Definition Language) supporting it.

Conditions and License Details

  • • Specially designed price for the systems with a Tesla GPU or NVIDIA Quadro.
  • • Educational License discount available
  • • Volume discounts available.
  • • All active licenses include product updates.
  • • The product is given electronically.
  • Summary

    The NVIDIA Mental Ray rendering software is capable of generating images of a superior and outstanding quality that are also of unsurpassed realism. This is one high-performance, feature-rich software for 3D rendering, which can create incredible and impeccable images that are based on the advanced techniques of ray-tracing.

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Mental Ray Plug-in for Autodesk Maya 1 year – Floating Licence