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NVIDIA Mental Ray for Autodesk 3D Studio Max

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Iray & Mental Ray Plug-in for Autodesk 3D Studio Max 1 year – Pro GPU Local Licence

This product is only available when purchased in conjunction with a system including a professional NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Card.

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The NVIDIA Iray & NVIDIA Mental Ray for Autodesk 3D Studio Max is a plug-in enabling you to use GPU acceleration to output stunning imagery and lighting simulated renders.

NVIDIA Iray for Autodesk 3DS Max

NVIDIA Iray is an intuitive and highly interactive rendering technology. It is modelled on real life physics to create rules to simulate realistic behaviours and characteristics of light and materials to generate imagery that is photorealistic and detailed. Unlike the traditional and older production renderers, Iray ensures results that are reflective of the real-world and delivers these results at incredible speeds thanks to the acceleration of Professional Graphics card technology.

Designers do not require any expert knowledge of the techniques of computer graphics in order to achieve such photorealistic results. Iray refines the image progressively until completion, ensuring consistent results. It is a very predictive approach that combines world-class and scalable performance across the NVIDIA GPUs in order to give rapid results and constant feedback. This saves a considerable amount of time required to make scenes perfect and deliver images that could even rival photographs.

NVIDIA Mental Ray for Autodesk 3DS Max

The NVIDIA Mental Ray is a rendering software that generates images that are of unsurpassed realism and outstanding quality. This high-performance and feature rich 3D rendering software helps in creating incredible images that are based on the advanced rendering technique of ray-tracing.

NVIDIA Mental Ray is used by industry professionals and it is now a standard or benchmark for the photorealistic rendering used extensively in design, visual effects, and film industries. NVIDIA Mental Ray is built on a long history of enabling innovative and new concepts of rendering lights and materials when rendering within Autodesk 3D Studio Max.

Benefits of Autodesk 3DS Max

The Autodesk 3DS Max software package delivers new and efficient tools, streamlined workflows, and accelerated performance to help to increase the overall productivity and output of designers and artists. If you require a software package capable of working with high-resolution and complex assets relating to design visualization, 3D Studio Max is a good fit for you. With its ability to visualize, import & render massive or large point cloud datasets. 3D Studio Max helps designers and artists manage these tasks, without slowing down workflow, or having to reduce project complexities.

License Details

NVIDIA Iray and NVIDIA Mental Ray for Autodesk 3D Studio Max can be bought as either local or network license, per year for each machine. The term of the license is a subscription for one year, which includes all bug fixes and updates throughout the entire term. The license is given based on each machine, regardless of CPU Cores or number of GPU’s. Once the license is purchased, the software will be delivered electronically.

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Iray & Mental Ray Plug-in for Autodesk 3D Studio Max 1 year – Pro GPU Local Licence