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AMD FirePro W7100 - Angle

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AMD FirePro W7100 - 8GB GDDR5 Workstation Graphics Card - Retail Boxed

AMD FirePro W7100 - 8GB GDDR5 Workstation Graphics Card - Retail Boxed

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AMD FirePro W7100 Graphic Card

For those who are looking for powerful graphics products for their engineering and graphic design applications. The AMD FirePro W7100 could just be the product for you. With fantastic performance levels, this is one tool engineering and creative professionals must not go without. As one of the industry market leaders, AMD products are built and certified to increase performance and reliability of over 100 different applications.

Application Certifications:

Buying AMD FirePro professional graphics line up are certified for use with most professional applications on the market. If you need to boost the performance and reliability of your engineering, graphic design, media and entertainment software, this product will fill all your requirements. Whether you are working with SOLIDWORKS or Autodesk products rest assured the W7100 will support your application. 

8GB GDDR5 Memory:

Allows quick manipulation of data for multiple applications resulting in increased speed and performance. You can:

· Edit 4K video

· Directly colour correct

· Load large assemblies

· Manipulate large models and data sets

Additionally the FirePro W7100 has a 265-bit memory with up to a 169 GB/s bandwidth, and 1792 stream processors for maximum processing capability. 

Direct GMA:

Direct graphic memory access allows you to maximize your through put time by proving low latency data transfer. This is accomplished by allowing you to bypass the PC’s main memory. Additionally, it will reduce CPU utilization by eliminating redundant transfers by PCIe.


AMD has developed FreeSync technology which when supported by DisplayPort 1.2a and its new Adaptive-Sync to allow the GPU to control display refresh rates. This results in better communication between the processor and monitor all but eliminating tears and jittery images. You will experience fluid play back no matter what the speed. 

Geometry Boost:

Up graded geometry data processing rate allows you to process at a rate of four times per clockcycle. This represent and almost doubled increase over traditional methods allowing you the highest speed on the market. 

AMD Eyefinity Technology:

AMD has created proprietary technology called Eyefinity which is designed to maximize your multitasking experience. You can share information with up to four monitors with no sluggishness or skipping. 

OpenCL Support:

With the increase in heterogeneous computing including central processing units, graphic processing units, DSP’s, as well as other hardware accelerators it is critical that they all be able to communicate effectively with each other. In response OpenCL was created to give developers and programmers one language that can be used on any of these devices. This has streamlined the process of compute-intensive tasks. AMD FirePro W7100 has been designed to support OpenCL giving users the ability to do more than ever before. 

In order to be most creative you can be you require a professional workstation at its full capacity. The AMD FirePro W7100 can not only give you the boost in memory that you need but will increase the speed and capability of your system. 

8GB GDDR5 memory
256-bit memory interface
Up to 160 GB/s bandwidth
Compute Performance
1792 stream processors (28 compute units)
3.3 TFLOPS peak single-precision floating-point performance
206 GFLOPs peak double-precision floating point performance
Display Outputs
Four Standard DisplayPort outputs
DisplayPort 1.2a support, including Adaptive-Sync and HBR2
Maximum DisplayPort 1.2a resolution 4096x2160
Maximum DisplayPort 1.1 resolution 2560x1600
API/Features/OS Support
DirectX 11.2 / 12
OpenGL 4.4
OpenCL 2.0
AMD Mantle
Shader Model: 5.0
Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
Linux (32- or 64-bit)
Cooling/Power/Form Factor
<150W maximum power consumption
Discreet active cooling solution
Full height/full length single-slot form factor
PCIe 3.0 compliant, x16 bus interface 
System Requirements
Available PCIe x16, 3.0 for optimal performance
8GB system memory
Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Linux operating system (32- or 64-bit)
Internet connection for driver installation

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AMD FirePro W7100 - 8GB GDDR5 Workstation Graphics Card - Retail Boxed