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Rendering Systems

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Deskside Render Node

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The RS-D deskside render is the perfect companion for professionals who require corporate levels of computing power in a small office environment. Designed from the ground up to aid in a wide range of professionalís workflows including, rendering 3D graphics, animation, or running simulations on complex datasets. The RS-D has a small footprint design to fit quietly and discreetly on top of your workstation or anywhere else providing it has network access. From there it can remotely lend the immense power of its Intel Dual Xeon E5 processors to anyone who requires it.

AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5 26XXv3
  • 12 to 28 Cores (12 to 56 Threads)
  • 32GB to 512GB DDR3 ECC Memory
  • Seriously Quite Deskside Renderer
  • Only D:580mm W:220mm H:100mm
  • Pays for itself in Man Hours Saved
  • Scalable from 1 to 100x Nodes...
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Workstation Specialists

Rackmount Render Node

Chaos Group VRay Logo Maxon Cinema4D Logo AutoDesk 3DS Max Logo

The RS-R unit is a highly dense 1U twin (2x) node rack mounted render server. Perfect for all businesses who want to get the most out of there rack space. Each node contains 2x Dual Intel Xeon E5 architecture running completely independently of one another. This ground breaking design leads to greater efficiency in power consumption and greater redundancy.

AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation
  • Innovative 1U Rendering System
  • 2x DUAL Intel Xeon E5 26XXv3 CPUs
  • 16x to 112x Total Rendering Threads
  • 2x 32GB to 512GB DDR4 ECC Memory
  • Scalable from 2 to 200x Nodes ...
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Workstation Specialists

Rackmount GPU Server

Dassault Systemes Bunkspeed Logo Chaos Group VRay Logo
The RS-GPU a high density rack based server that can contain up to 2x GPUs. Designed specifically to accelerate a range of highly demanding workloads including GPU rendering and simulations of large datasets. The RS-GPU is perfect for professionalís high-performance computing needs.

AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation
  • Powerful CPU + GPU Combined System
  • Dedicated CPU + GPU Cores (Cuda Cores)
  • Up to 9,984x GPU CUDA Cores
  • DUAL Intel Xeon up to Twelve-Core CPUs
  • Max. 512GB RAM Per Node
  • Full GPU Rendering Support
  • NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Processors
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