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Nvidia Tesla Vcore Xtreme

WS vCore Extreme

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"WS Scale-Out GPU Computing Solutions for HPC"

Increase Your Compute Density
vCore Extreme enables you to maximize your rack and server density by moving GPU’s out of servers and into a 3U WS vCore Extreme chassis. Each vCore Extreme supports up to 16 double-wide GPU’s and 8 server connections over x16 PCI-E links. Now each 1U server can access from 1 to 16 GPU’s without burdening the server with the cost overhead of GPU’s, extra power and cooling. When GPU’s are moved out of servers to vCore Extreme, higher server to GPU densities are realized, performance is increased and costs are reduced.

Get Faster Results
Most of today’s 1U servers support a maximum of two internal GPU’s. By expanding the number of GPU’s available to a job, performance is increased and job time is reduced. Powered by NVIDIA Tesla, vCore Extreme provides the highest level of super computing capability right out of the box. With a maximum of 512x GPU Cores for GPU, and 16x GPUs per vCore Extreme you can tap into a potential 8,192x GPU Cores per project.

Reduce Your Job Costs
Running more jobs in less time not only increases productivity, but can also increase your revenue. As significant as this is it’s not the whole story. vCore Extreme provides a centralized, shared pool of GPU resources allowing a quick and easy way to manage your GPU’s and further lower your total cost of ownership. Pools of GPU resources can be quickly re configured among servers in the rack and each job can be optimized for the right ratio of CPU’s to GPU’s without over provisioning servers and vCore Extreme is purpose-built for hosting GPU’s. Each GPU is housed in a hot-plug tray for ease of service and upgrades with minimum downtime. Utilizing 92mm hot-plug fans and four 1400W high-efficiency hot-plug PSU’s, vCore Extreme uses less power and provides better cooling than alternative solutions.

Manage Your GPU Pools
Ease of upgrades and serviceability keep your projects running even during an event. The dedicated vCORE Extreme Intelligent Management Platform Interface (IPMI) port provides immediate status and event notification allowing you to service the unit quickly and easily using hot-plug interfaces.

  • 16x NVIDIA Tesla M Series GPUs (M2075 or M2090)
  • Standard Low Profile Host Interface Cards (HICs) for Connection to Host Servers
  • Up to 8,192 GPU Processing Cores
  • Small 3U Rack Footprint
  • Hot Swap Power Supply Units
  • Dynamic GPU Pool Resource Accessible by ALL Host Servers
  • Generation 2.0 PCI-Express Graphics Technology
  • Exceptional Single & Double Floating Point Precision
  • Available with a Multitude of Configurations to Suit YOU (Project, Workflow or Budget)

"Enhance the performance of your existing CPU servers with the WS-vCore Extreme...."

NVIDIA Tesla GPU Hyper Computer
Life Sciences
3D Rendering
Fluid Simulation
Scientific / DAQ

  NVIDIA Quadro

"100% custom built to order to exact customer requirements our WS-vCore Extreme offers the ultimate scale out GPU experience, with a superb return of investment (ROI)"

For further information on the WS-vCore Extreme Scale Out GPU System, please contact our NVIDIA Tesla Sales Specialists via 'Live Chat', e-mail, telephone +44 (0) 800 180 4801 or alternatively please fill out the below enquiry form and we can happily send you information.

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