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Intel Xeon Phi Phi3100

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Intel Xeon Phi 3100 Series Computing Cards


While the Intel Xeon processor E5 family remains the preferred choice for the majority of applications, Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors provide more efficient performance for highly parallel applications. They include many more and smaller cores, many more threads, and wider vector units. The high degree of parallelism compensates for the lower speed of each individual core to deliver higher aggregate performance for workloads that can be subdivided into a sufficiently large number of simultaneous tasks. You can use Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors together to optimize performance for almost any workload.

Ideal for...
Industrial or scientific high performance computing centers that need accelerated computing power and want Intel compatibility.


Features Benefits
Intel® Many Integrated Cores (MIC) architecture Large numbers of cores and threads enable efficient execution of hundreds of simultaneous tasks to dramatically boost aggregate performance for highly-parallel applications.
Familiar Intel® architecture programming mode Enables broad reuse of existing code. Also allows developers to use familiar tools and methods and to maintain a common code base for Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors.
Linux* hosting capability Can operate as a dependent coprocessor or an independent server node to enable flexible usage models and optimized support for diverse hardware and software environments.
IP Addressable Supports standard clustering models for simple integration into clustered environments.
Intel 22 nm technology with 3-D Tri-Gate transistors Provides exceptional compute density and energy efficiency.
Up to 8 coprocessors per host server (requires one PCIe* slot per coprocessor) Enables simple scaling of highly-parallel execution resources to deliver desired performance levels.


Model 3120A 3120P
Form Factor PCIe Card, Actively Cooled PCIe Card, Passively Cooled
Board TDP(Watts) 300 300
Max # of Cores 57 57
Clock Speed(GHz) 1.1 1.1
Peak Double Precision (GFLOP) 1003 1003
GDDR5 Memory Speeds (GT/S) 5.0 5.0
Peak Memory BW 240 240
Memory Capacity (GB) 6 6

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