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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing




WS-GPU x2 GPU Computing Workstation
WS-GPU x4 GPU Super Computer
WS-GPU x8 GPU Hyper Computing

Powerful Single Processor GPU Workstation. Available with TWO dedicated GPUs. Configurable with up to 64GB of non ECC Memory and up to 18TB of storage. Designed for GPU hungry computing applications.

Now Available with our WS1650 Workstation!

Powerful 4x Way GPU Super Computer. Available with FOUR dedicated NVIDIA GPUs and configurable with up to 256GB of ECC Memory. Designed for Intensive CPU & GPU computing applications. Certified for use with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.

Now Available with our WS2880 Workstation!

Powerful DUAL CPU + 8x GPU System. Available with EIGHT dedicated GPU Computing Processors and configurable with up to 768GB of ECC Memory. Designed for the Most Intensive GPU tasks. Certified for use with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.

Our Most Advanced GPU Hyper Computer



NVIDIA Tesla Servers

Rack Based Compute Nodes
Deskside Compute Node
NVIDIA Tesla Servers

Rack Based DUAL HPC Node System. Powered by DUAL Intel Xeon CPUs and up to 512GB of ECC Memory. Designed for CPU Intensive workloads, and configurable in a host of compute cluster options. Certified NVIDIA Tesla host and available with either Microsoft Windows or Linux Operating Systems.

Deskside compute client for smaller 'low key' HPC environments. Powered by the same CPU architecture as our RS-R system but in a small desktop chassis. Configurable with NVIDIA Tesla C Series GPU, and available with either Microsoft Windows or Linux Operating Systems.

Rack Mounted 3x Way NVIDIA Tesla Server. Powerful by three in dependant NVIDIA Tesla Kepler Series GPUs (K10, K20 or K20X) and available as a standalone Tesla server, or as part of a pre-configured GPU HPC Cluster.

The World's Most Innovative GPU System


Intel Xeon Phi

NVidia Tesla GPU
Intel Xeon Phi

NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerators turn standard PCs and workstations into personal supercomputers. Powered by NVIDIA CUDA® - the world's most pervasive parallel-computing model Tesla GPU Accelerators for workstations deliver cluster level performance right at your desk.

Power your breakthrough innovations with the highly parallel processing of the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. Over a Teraflop of double-precision peak performance into every chip—the highest parallel performance per watt of any Intel® Xeon® processor.


Powered by NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Processors

NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Partner

For detailed product questions/queries of for any further information please do not hesitate to contact our helpful sales team on +44 (0) 800 180 4801.

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