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Nvidia Devdeck

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NVIDIA Tesla GPU with CAPS DevDeck Linux

The Fastest Way to GPGPU Results
The perfect marriage, an NVIDIA Tesla GPU Workstation from Workstation Specialists combined with CAPS DevDeck Linux. The suite includes CAPS HMPP™, a simple directive-based compiler to build parallel GPU accelerated applications. Also included is HMPP Performance
Analyzer, and HMPP Wizard, to guide your development choices. Based on a C and FORTRAN directives, HMPP source to source compiler preserves your original code investment, HMPP simplifies code parallelization, memory management, to fully leverage the computing power of the GPU processors, while integrating with massively data-parallel back end for NVIDIA Cuda. The HMPP runtime also ensures application deployment on multi-GPU systems.

Work Smarter! Use a 3-Step Methodology to Reduce the Cost! Diagnostic
The preliminary code study will highlight the potential of optimization of your code on hybrid architecture

Functional Migration to GPU
CPU code optimization, exhibition of SIMT parallelism, hotspot push on GPU and validation of CPU-GPU execution.

GPU Code Tuning for Improving Performance
By using this methodology you can implement the migration in a fast, easy and incremental way.


NVIDIA Tesla Solutions & CAPS DEVDECK Click Here for Details on our GPU Workstations Click Here for Info on CAPS DevDeck

To configure your own NVIDIA Tesla based GPU Workstation, please select from our pre-configured solutions in our product range, or alternatively for further information on any of our professional GPGPU based computing solutions please feel free to contact our NVIDIA Tesla Certified Sales Professionals.

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